About CookApps

CookApps is a game developer located in South Korea that specializes in web and mobile games. In the early years, CookApps started developing simple apps for Facebook, then transitioned on to games starting with titles: Happy Farkle and Happy Dice. In 2012 CookApps made their mark in the world of Facebook games with the release of titles: Buggle, Pengle, Pudding Pop, Solitaire and Wonderland, and Pig & Dragon. Buggle in particular has been a fan favorite with more than 10 million accumulated players and an average of 3 million players enjoying the game every month!


What is CookApps?

We make apps. It’s as simple as that. And we show it in our name: From a combination of Cook + Apps, we let everyone know what we do. We cook up – or make – apps!


Our History

June – Launched Water Splash Mobile 
May - Company trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas
February – New Office – 8th Floor of U-Space Building in Pangyo

November - Received the “3rd annual Great small company award”
November – Launched Bubble CoCo 
October – Launched Water Splash 
October – Launched Pig & Dragon Mobile
September – Launched Solitaire in Wonderland Mobile 
May – Launched Pudding Pop Mobile 
April – Company trip to Palao
February –Launched Pig & Dragon

December – Hit DAU mark of 3m
November – Launched Pudding Pop
May – Launched Solitaire in Wonderland

December – Launched Pengle, Selected as one of the top 20 Facebook Game Developers
September – Launched Diggle 
May – Hit DAU mark of 1m
April – Launched Buggle

December – Launched Superball
July – Launched Royal Slots 
May – Hit 15m subscribers
March – Launched God City

October –Awarded the “Outstanding SNG Developer’s Award” by the SBA
September – Launched Happy Farkle Online 
August – Hit 15m subscribers
July – Launched Happy Farkle and Happy Dice 
January – CookApps Founded 





CookApps Pangyo Office
8th Floor, USpace Bldg, 660, Daewangpangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Email : Biz@cookapps.com


In order to make fun games, you need to have fun in life! We believe that only people that know how to have fun truly know what it is. With this belief in mind, we have strived to create an environment that promotes fun and open communication.

People can stop by the cafeteria to enjoy a snack or drink, made available for everyone.

With a two hour lunch break, Cookappsians can let their mind and body take a break playing games, getting some exercise, participating in club activities, taking naps, or various other activities.
There are a number of diverse clubs that can be joined, with financial support provided so that participants can relax and focus on their activities.

Experience and knowledge of other cultures is important in the development of any person. That is why we take a company-wide trip to explore foreign culture once a year. Additionally, a trip is taken to a vacation spot within the country once a year to let everyone blow off some steam.

The last Friday of every month is designated as “Game Day”. It’s a day dedicated to just plain gaming from all genres and platforms to promote inspiration and, well, just have fun!

Our hope is that by offering one of the best working environments in the country, we help promote the development of fun and creative games.




Andrew the Bear loves nothing more in the world than honey!
Nothing will get in the way of him getting some his paws on some sweet, delectable honey.
However, there is one thing that is slowing him down: the bees!
Pop through bubbles to help Andrew with his honey cravings.



The clean oceans of the South Pole have been polluted by oil leaked from passing boats!
It’s up to Pete the Penguin to travel the world and save his friends from the peril of human destruction! Help Pete match blocks to cleanse the South Pole!


Pudding Pop

The dirty bacteria is scheming to infest the dessert world!
Help the six pudding blobs by linking pudding blobs of the same color to save the dessert world!


Solitaire in wonderland

The evil Card Soldiers have taken over the beautiful Wonderland!
Help red-haired Alice and the magician Merlin beat the Card Soldiers!
The fate of Wonderland is in your hands!




Christine the Squirrel is up to her sleeves with greedy pigs stealing fruits and veggies from her fields!
But one day, her luck changes when she meets a baby dragon by the name of Peppy.
Travel around the world with Christine and Peppy by your side and teach the piggies a lesson by matching fruits and veggies.


Water Splash

Croker is a greedy crocodile that is creating dams and stealing water creating havoc in the world!
Follow Oris around the world and help her match and pop balloons to stop Croker and bring back all the water that he stole!



CoCo's children have been kidnapped by a mean fox from the forest!
Go on an adventure with CoCo by your side and help rescue her chicks!
Pop your way through a colorful array of bubbles while passing obstacles such as creepy spiders and the fox himself to save the chicks! 


We have one goal in mind: We Cook apps for fun.
We want to make apps that are enjoyed by people around the world, and we want to enjoy the development process of those apps.
We are always looking for great talent at CookApps – people that:
want to make apps that people like and enjoy
are proactive in the process of achieving set goals
are ready to learn to improve their development skills
are not afraid to take chances and learn from their experiences

Does this sound like you? Apply now!

Working Conditions

·        40 hour work weeks

·        Work Hours: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

·        Lunch: 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM

·        Insurance and Pension Plans


·        Online shopping points (Benepia)

·        Birthday bonus

·        Financial support for club activities

·        Education allowances

·        Game day - Held on the last Friday of every month, a day dedicated to playing games

·        Office library and cafeteria avalable

·        Bonuses for family events

Health Support

·        Breakfast, lunch provided. Dinner provided when necessary.

·        A variety of drinks and snacks in the cafeteria for all to enjoy

·        Implementation of regular health physicals

·        Vacation days: 15 vacation days per year

Company Trips

·        Team/project Trips: Twice a year

·        Company Trips: One overseas trip and one domestic trip a year


·        Semiannual performance based bonuses

·        Four annual bonuses: Korean New Year, Summer Vacation, Korean Thanksgiving, and Holiday bonus



Game Design Team



PM(Project Management)

·        Design casual social games that match the CookApps Criteria

·        Manage small scaled development projects

·        Manage games in service on the Facebook platform

PD(Develop Producer)

·        Plan the development of casual puzzle games

·        Plan the system of casual puzzle games

Level Designer

·        Design levels for casual puzzle games

·        Analyze statistics and  propose improvements

Requirements and Preferred Qualifications

·        Communication skills with consideration for others

·        Positive attitude towards learning new things

·        Fans of casual games

·        Proficiency in English preferred

Applications are accepted through e-mail: job@cookapps.com



Strategic Planning


Marketing & PR 

·        Management of customers to improve value of company brand

·        Response to questions from customers

·        Processing and management of customer complains

·        Branding and marketing of company and products

·        Establishment and implementation of product advertising strategies

Requirements and Preferred Qualifications

·        Proficiency in English required

·        Communication skills with consideration for others

·        Good understanding of Facebook

·        Responsibility for one’s work

Applications are accepted through e-mail: job@cookapps.com




Quality Assurance

·        QA Quality assurance of Facebook based flash and mobile social games

Requirements and Preferred Qualifications

·        Experience in game quality assurance

·        Degree in data processing preferred

·        Concentration and attention to detail performing repetitive work

·        Good communication skills and teamwork

·        Deep understanding of quality assurance preferred

Applications are accepted through e-mail: job@cookapps.com





Art Design

·        Art for 2D casual games oriented towards western audiences

·        Artists capable of creating in-game backgrounds, blocks, obstacles, and characters for casual games

Requirements and Preferred Qualifications

·        Artists proficient with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash

Applications are accepted through e-mail: job@cookapps.com



Plan B Art

·        2D arcade games

·        Art for in-game backgrounds, icons(objects, characters, etc.) and UX design.

·        Artists capable of diverse drawing styles from Disney style characters to realism, that is oriented towards western audiences

·        Artists proficient in retouching or editing existing products


Requirements and Preferred Qualifications

·        Artists proficient with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash

Applications are accepted through e-mail: job@cookapps.com


3D Modeling

·        Creation of resources for numerous projects

·        Artists capable of creating in-game backgrounds, blocks, obstacles, and characters for casual games

·        Artists capable of 3D modeling and rendering using 2D sprites

·        Proficiency in 3DMAX Required, Proficiency in Maya preferred

Requirements and Preferred Qualifications

·        Understanding of Flash and Unity based game development

·        Artists capable of technical troubleshooting preferred

Applications are accepted through e-mail: job@cookapps.com


Visual Effects

·        Creating effects, animations, and objects for casual games

·        Tasks related to social game clients

·        Creating 2D animations (Flash)

·        Creating max and after effects

·        Creating effects through Unity 2D/3D 

Requirements and Preferred Qualifications

·        More than one year experience

·        Ability to create art oriented towards western audiences

·        Experience with casual social games

·        High proficiency with Flash and Unity 3D preferred

·        Degree in Arts Preferred

·        Good communication skills and teamwork

Applications are accepted through e-mail: job@cookapps.com


Server Programming


Server Programmer

·        Development and management of large AWS based distributed data processing servers

·        Planning and development of php and/or jsp based servers

·        Planning and optimization of mysql and/or nosql

·        Management and monitoring of CDN

·        Miscellaneous server related tasks

Requirements and Preferred Qualifications 

·        Experience with http based game servers

·        Programming(php and jsp) experience

·        Degree in Data Processing preferred

·        Good communication skills and teamwork

·        Experience with AWS and no-sql

Applications are accepted through e-mail: job@cookapps.com


Flash Programming


Flash game Programmer - Client (Action Script 3.0)Responsibilities

·        Programming of Flash (AS 3.0) / Facebook based social game clients


·        Experience developing games (ActionScript 3.0)

·        Good communication skills and teamwork

·        Deep understanding of AS3.0 DisplayObject preferred

·        Experience with Java and C++ preferred if applicant has no experience with AS3.0

·        Degree in data processing or mathematics preferred

Applications are accepted through e-mail: job@cookapps.com


Mobile Programming


Unity 3D Programmer - Client (c#)Responsibilities

·        Programming for Unity 3D(C#) and Facebook based social game clients

·        Programming for 2D, 3D mobile games

·        Experience with programming and modularization of game logic



·        Experience developing games (cocos 2D,  C#, Java, Action Script 3.0) 

·        Experience with Unity 3D or Java

·        Degree in Data Processing

·        Good communication skills and teamwork

Applications are accepted through e-mail: job@cookapps.com